Major Change Revealed

If you recall, I talked a little about how I had a major change taking place in my life in the near future. Well, that day has arrived. As of today I am the new lead pastor at Church of the Crossroads in Glade Spring, VA. I am stepping into the pulpit this morning for the first time in this new role and part of me is scared out of my mind. The other part of me is excited beyond belief. I think I always knew that I would end up as a pastor someday. I ran from it through high school and college and even after college. Eventually though, God sought me out and I knew it was time to quit playing games and turning it completely over to God. Thankfully I realized this before it was too late.

So, if I have been a little reclusive, secretive and odd for the past couple of months, now you know the reason. I have known for a while and although the news was given a couple of weeks ago, I felt that this was now the time to let it be known publicly. I truly believe that there is something about waiting to let it out to be known to everyone on the social networks. Now that it’s finally out there, I feel like I am finally free.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be keeping my regular job in the corporate world as an accountant. At this current point I do not have plans to transition out of it. I will keep doing it since it pays the bills. Plus, being a small congregation, I do not want to eat most of the giving in salary.

With that, what do you want to know? Do you want to know more of my story? How about what it feels like?


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