Six Months Till Christmas

My math is not exact. We are actually less than six months until Christmas, but we are closer to six months than five months, so it counts. In case you did not know, I am a big fan of all things Christmas. I enjoy the music, the food, the gift giving, the snow, the movies, and there are plenty of other things. If I could have a tree up all year and not look like a lazy bum, I would. In fact, our tree this past year was large.

Some of you may be asking how large. It was about ten and a half feet if you are looking for a height. Our living room looked like we had a forest starting to grow in it. I can say that this year, I do not want one that is that tall. It was a pain to decorate.

Now, I know that I would not be a good Christian if I did not make a point about the birth of Christ being the main purpose of Christmas. I mean, here is someone who we still talk about today. After all, we measure time by Christ and his birth.

What about you? What’s your favorite part of Christmas? Can you believe that we have less than six months until Christmas?


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