Out Of Town, Out Of Luck

Leighann and I escaped from our little town for a couple of nights away this past Sunday. We left Sunday afternoon after church and returned Tuesday evening. We typically visit this place at least a couple of times throughout the year. This was our first trip this year, which is later than when we normally have our first trip. Regardless, though we enjoyed our time away, we found ourselves out of luck at some points.

One of the most prominent things in this city is an outlet mall which typically has deals which cannot compare to department stores. We went with the intention of buying some things, but we returned with very little. Leighann wanted to look for clothes for her new school year in August, but she purchased no clothing. She did find shoes that she liked and bought.

We went to Guitar Center to look at purchasing a rack system for our PA equipment so we can easily move it from one place to the next. As par for the course, they were completely out of the one we were most interested in buying. What makes it worse is that I had a coupon to save some cash. Oh, and I cannot forget to mention that it rained almost the entire trip. I like the rain if I am sitting at home or somewhere that I can stay dry. If I have to get out and trudge around in it only to have to go into another store, I despise it.

The highlight of our trip and quite possibly the only time we had a little bit of luck was Sunday afternoon on our way into town. There are a couple of discount Christian stores there that have a lot of books and usually the prices could be hit or miss. Sadly, for the most part they are shrinking the size of their stores and having to have another organization in the store with them. So, despite the fact that it is sad that they are shrinking in size, we were able to buy a lot of things for cheap. The store had most of their books for one dollar each. There were some that was 75% off and so it made them a little cheaper than a dollar.

We were also able to buy a few Christmas presents. Yes, we are like your grandmother who purchases gifts throughout the year and not wait until the last-minute. We saved a little bit of cash and that is all I can say about that. I am afraid things may be read by those we purchased the gifts for, so you will have to accept the fact that I can be a little vague.

Overall, it was a great trip and I enjoyed the time away from our home, but I was ready to get back. I was really ready after it rained the entire week. If there is one thing I could change, it would be that. No more rain, but I cannot control that, so I learn to deal with my luck whether it is good or not.


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