Reflections On Cinco De Mayo

I understand the cultural significant of Cinco de Mayo. I know that it is celebrated on the fifth of May and it is essentially Independence Day. I mean, yes I know it is not technically the day they gained their independence, but hey, everyone loves a celebration, right? The one thing that bothers me is not that they have another reason to celebrate. The one that bothers me can be found after the break.

What bothers me about this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration is the fact that I did not have anything Mexican yesterday. No Mexican food (and Sunday is the day that I consume the most Mexican) and I did do anything that could be found in Mexican culture.

I feel that I let myself down as it is a day that I could eat tacos without any sense of guilt. I could also get an IV of queso cheese ran straight into my veins and it would be acceptable, but I did not do any of that. Instead, I had a sandwich for lunch and lasagna for dinner. Can I call a Mulligan and get a do-over?

What about you? Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Do you like tacos and queso cheese? If not, what is wrong with you?


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