Removing Face From Facebook

Due to one of my best friends, I have been inspired lately to give up Facebook. No, I am not removing myself permanently and shutting my account down. In fact, I do not know if I would go as far as deactivating it. I am sure I would if it came to that. What I am considering is somewhat of a Facebook fast. It would last a week or two and I would just not sign in to the site. Do I think it would work? Maybe. Have I committed? No.

Although I am sure some people who know me would argue otherwise, I do not think that social media has a huge grip on my life. I am not endanger of losing my wife or kids due to my engagement with online friends; however, I do think I spend a lot of time on there.

I admire my wife because she can go an entire week without checking Facebook and not have a care in the world. She follows very few people on twitter, but she can go days so that there are lapses of time in her twitter feed and she does not even care. Often times I believe she has a better grip on this as she has to actually relate to people when she sees them out instead of knowing what is going on in their life simply by what they write online.

Then, on the opposite side of that is the fact that I know if someone has lost a family member and thus avoid the awkward situations of asking about someone who has already passed away. I am in the process of considering this break. I do not know if I will actually commit to it and end up doing it, but it is something that I have not considered doing before. If I end up doing it, I will be sure to document it and describe my journey.

Have you ever taken a break from social media? Do you think you could exist without social media?


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