Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday we welcomed the arrival of spring.  Yes, it was the official day and not just a day that we decided to call spring.  I, for one, welcome the arrival of the new season.  It is a time for things to go from the dull browns of winter into the blossoming greens of spring.  Truthfully though, it felt more like spring last week.  Yesterday it was chilly and windy and when I took Dusty (our dog) outside right before bed I noticed that it was snowing.  When I woke up this morning, the ground had been dusted with snow.  What causes the weather to be indecisive?

I suppose that question will always haunt us as we cannot truly predict the winds and the precipitation.  Meteorologists have made significant advances in being able to prepare us for the weather, but there is still a fifty-fifty chance of rain every single day.  It will either rain or it won’t.  In most basic terms, that is a fifty percent chance of precipitation.

I welcome the warmer temperatures that will stifle the groans of people rambling about the cold temperatures.  This is only temporary though as people will then begin to complain about the heat and humidity of summer.  Could we not be content in what God gives us?  Rather than causing a ruckus, we should boast in the fact that there is a God who controls the winds and the waves and He doesn’t let our neighbors have control of the weather dial.

I say all of this to say that even though warmer weather is approaching, we must be aware that after it comes scorching temperatures.  However, we can take heart during the sunscreen-caked days of summer that fall is just around the corner, and in turn, cooler temperatures are coming.

What is it that you enjoy most about spring?  Do you live in an area where you experience all seasons?  If not, would you like to live there one day?


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