Snowy Saturday

Today is Saturday, like any person who works the typical Monday through Friday, I look forward to it.  I look forward to it because it allows me a chance to catch my breath and carry out some feats that need to be accomplished.  I can think of at least ten things that need to be done today.  Will I finish them all?  It is doubtful, but I will finish some, because that is just the person that I am.  In some ways I am glad it is supposed to snow today.

Snow gives me an extra chance to stay indoors and get work done.  Rather than be tempted to venture outside and hit the roads to head to town, the snow begs me to stay inside.  I am sure I will venture out, after all, we are having a town celebration; however, I then plan on returning to my home and staying indoors.  If I do not have weather that encourages me to stay inside, I find it hard to get things done.

I take sporadic spurts where I like to be out and then sometimes I like to be out.  This weekend is one of those times I would like to be out, but because of the weather I will stay home.  This will give me an opportunity to rest and we all could use more days like that.

What about you?  Do you have anything planned for today?


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