Uncomfortably Comforting

It seems as if I am going through a season of my life where I want to run away from a lot of the responsibilities I carry from day-to-day.  Due to specific events in my sphere of influence, I often wonder what it would be like to live my life without those duties.  It seems like every evening I am busy with some sort of meeting or task that is required of me by at least one of my commitments; however, I know that fleeing from these things is not the best thing for me.  I am coming to learn that you can learn a lot through times where you want to drop everything and move to Hawaii.

Actually, I do not know for certain if you can learn a lot during these times.  I am in the midst of some of them right now and I do not know the eventual outcome.  I believe I will learn because I have been told that by people.  To say that it is easy would be lie and to say that I deeply wish to move on would also be a lie.  Most times the right thing to do is not the easiest, so I do not understand why I am contemplating it anyway.

Most mornings I do not feel like waking up and spending numerous hours diving into spreadsheets that would take five months to create, but I do it anyway.  I do it because I have been given a job and the life to go make the best of it.  It is not the first thing on my mind of the mornings, but I know what needs to be done.  Rarely do I feel like rushing home from work, scarfing down dinner and then rushing back out the door to go to another meeting.  I do it though, because I committed to something and I need to complete it.  After all, I would not commit to something if I did not believe in it.  It seems like I have to remind myself of that daily now to encourage myself because the responsibilities I am carrying is often the most thankless ones.

These situations make me highly uncomfortable as they are not something I want to be doing right now; however, I know that they must be done.  Regardless of how uncomfortable they are they are also a comfort to me.  I know I can undertake a task and I know that I have the skills to see things through to fruition.  That is why they are a source of uncomfortably comforting to me.

I am confident that if I stay steady and push through these challenging times that I will come out as a stronger person.  I just need to remind myself of this.

What about you?  Do you have things in your life that make you uncomfortable yet you cannot let them go?  Do you feel like that has made you a better person because of it?  If you have given something up, how did you do it?


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