Rain, Snow, Wacky Weather

I believe the last time I saw the blue sky was Sunday.  Even then, I am not sure.  It has rained here for three whole days.  Rather than a snow day, the local schools were out today for a “Flood Day”.  We have received enough rain to cause evacuations for some local communities as well.  I, for one, am tired of the rain.  I would like to walk out my door and not have to trudge through the mud to get to my car.  Oddly enough, that is only the beginning.

While the rain was predicated to taper off around lunch time, when I checked my phone this morning I had an alert due to a Winter Storm Watch being in place until tomorrow evening for my area.  The estimated accumulations range depending upon elevation, but for me, I would say one inch or slightly more.  It is not that we are getting snow in January or that it is so little that amuses me.  What is interesting is the pace at which the weather is changing.

The temperature is supposed to be fairly mild today, but tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler.  Tomorrow night it is supposed to be below freezing.  Though there is some variance in the weather due to living here in Southwest Virginia, this rapid change is not the norm.  Although I would welcome any accumulation of snow, I would prefer for the temps to be cold for a week or so and then the white, fluffy water make an appearance.  With a lot of people already sick from the flu and other sicknesses, I imagine this rapid change that we are going through will affect some people.

What is your current weather?  Do you like snow?  What’s your favorite form of precipitation?


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