2013 Resolutions

I know, I know, I am a little late when talking about New Year’s Resolutions.  This should have been done last week at this time, but you know, I am not a normal person.  I will write about anything when the notion hits.  Today, I just happened to be thinking about our process of creating resolutions.  I like the fact that I find myself having similar thoughts as others.  I find comfort that I am not alone in my thinking.  Want to know what I am thinking, read on.

I have never been successful in keeping a resolution for a year.  I tend to forget them by the end of January and by April they are as gone as last year.  Rather than beating myself up for missing my yearly resolutions, I am taking it in shorter stints.  Instead of completing a year, I am taking it month by month (and even more specifically day by day).  This way, each month I get a chance to evaluate my progress and adjust as necessary.  The challenges facing me today will not be the same as the ones I will face in July or November.  This gives me some relief knowing I am not staring down 365 days.

The difference in myself and others is I am calling these things goals.  Rather than just a general, get in shape, I am setting a goal to lose a set number of pounds.  I have always wanted to read through the Bible in a year and I thought this was as good of a year as any to try it. I am using a plan on YouVersion.com that will keep me on pace and allow me to measure my progress.

I am placing specific goals that can be obtained because I know I have a better chance of accomplishing these and not trying to hit a generic goal.  If I set a broad resolution, I may be tempted to carry out part of it and then slacking off.  I would rather have milestones I can meet and then set a new one (see above paragraph).  It is the third day of the year and so far I have managed to keep my goals in mind.  I have failed in a couple of years, but I have soared in others.  I know that if I were to be shooting at a yearly mark, I would be tempted to give up already, but knowing that I am looking at short-term goals, I feel like I need to continue to push.

Do you have any resolutions you made?  Have you been able to keep them so far?  Have you ever successfully kept a resolution through an entire year?


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