Staring Down Sickness

Every year, across this great nation, thousands of people will suffer from some sort of flu or cold illness.  In my opinion, it is one of the most common illnesses outside of a stomach virus (which is probably less fun if you were having to rank them).  The hardest thing to do is to avoid the people who are feeling down.  Currently in my own world, my wife and parents and sibling are suffering from some sort of illnesses.  I have found ways to prevent this though that have nothing to do with the typical steps given by medical professionals.  I am no medical professional, but I have found these to work in my own life.

These things are not listed in a particular order, but can be applied in different orders depending upon your situation.

  1. Find some way to come in contact with a preschooler or kindergartener’s germs.
  2. Drink plenty of orange juice.
  3. Stay away from your coworkers.

The first is important because it is necessary to get yourself exposed to the illness before a little at a time.  By seeking out the friendship of a kindergarten teacher, you will be able to be exposed to the germs without having to go into the classroom and have snot rubbed on your arm.  Those kindergarten classrooms (especially if they have carpet) are petri dishes that allow germs to spread like a wildfire in a dry California summer.

Drinking orange juice not only helps wake you up, but it also gives you a good dosage of Vitamin C.  As is common knowledge, this vitamin is necessary to fight off sickness and keep your immune system cranking along.  In take as much of this liquid nectar as you can stand.  If you start to feel bad, take a couple of extra gulps before heading out the door.  That little bit of an increase will help to fight off what may be starting to ail you.

Staying away from your coworkers is important because you may not have been exposed to the same germs.  If you are immune to a specific school of germs (yes, the elementary school) you will be better off not having to fight off another school.  There’s also the chance that they do not take in as much Vitamin C as you do and thus they are more prone to catch a sickness.  Avoid them when at all possible as the less people you are around, the better.

If you do these three things, along with the recommended hand-washing, you will decrease your chances of getting sick.  Now, I have no scientific numbers to prove this, but in my own life I have seen this work.  In over four years of working a full-time job, I have only had to take two sick days.  Both of those days were when something unexplainable took root in my body.  It only lasted a day though.  If you do get sick, realize that there may be other things that influenced your illness and I cannot be responsible for predicting everything in your life.


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