Just What Do You Do?

It would be easy to critique a member of a small church staff and say that they do not do anything.  In fact, outside of the pastor it can seem that way to people who are not fully aware.  As the person in charge of finances and most paperwork, that’s exactly what I spend my time doing.  As dreadful as it sounds, it usually is not that bad all the time.

I do spend the majority of my time elbow deep in paperwork, forms, figures, and other “business” functions of the church if I am not preparing a message or helping the congregation.  It is not as bad as work because it is a different flavor of work.  Instead of being driven solely by spreadsheets and trying to make sure the business turns a profit, the church allows me a chance to focus on a broad picture.  At my day job I am only able to see a fraction of the entire picture, but at the church I am able to see the entire thing.

Being able to see an organization from such a broad perspective is nice as it allows me a chance to gain exposure to a way of thinking about things that I would not gain in my desk job.  It allows me the opportunity to help guide the organization in being a good steward of what God gives us.

The paperwork that I have to complete that is required of me is not something that I enjoy doing; however, I understand its importance.  It is important to have paperwork as either it allows you to act or it allows you to test your earlier performance.  There are certain things a church cannot do without the proper paperwork.  There is also the paperwork that allows a church to reflect back on the things that have occurred and decide whether it was a right course of action.  To act without reflection is an improper use of resources.  Reflection opens us up to being vulnerable and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Do you perform any specific functions in your church?  Are you involved in a church?  Is there anyway you could serve another organization using your talents and skills?


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