For some reasons I go through spells in my life where words escape me.  Rather than having something to say, my mouth ceases to release words that seem to fit the moment.  I do not think that it is because I am not intelligent enough to build sentences that ought to be heard by thousands.  I think some of my thoughts ought to be heard by millions, actually.  But rather, I believe it has to do more with the nature of my life.

I make no secret that I am particularly outgoing and usually always busy.  Nearly every evening gives me the opportunity to do something outside of my home.  For better or for worse this makes me a fairly in-demand person.  During the meetings that I have, I am expected to not be short on words.  Thankfully, thus far in my life I have not suffered from this problem.  I still think the words will come to me just fine for meetings, but in my life outside of this arena is where the words get short.

As I have mentioned before, the stillness allows me time to think, but I would often rather not be so reflective and instead get the words out.  Given enough time, I am sure they will come back.  Hopefully they will come back quickly.

While I am waiting, please enjoy the silence as well.


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