When God Silently Speaks

Periodically I will find myself in a season of not having any words to speak.  Rather than speaking simply to pour forth words, I prefer to be silent.  It is hard to do in American culture where we are being bombarded with all sorts of words.  There is a feeling that cannot be duplicated except by remaining quiet.

It is good to use the quiet moments in life to reflect on the situations we find ourselves in and the ones from which we have been rescued.  The Biblical man of Job is a man like no other.  He lost everything he had whether it was his family or his wealth, yet he still held on to his firm belief in the goodness of God.  Ponder Job’s words in chapter six below:

24 Teach me, and I will keep quiet.
Show me what I have done wrong.
Although Job’s words here were in response to one of his friends, Eliphaz, could we also not make that our prayer to God during points in our lives?  Rather than trying to tell God what He ought to do or what we think is best, should we not be silent while He teaches us?
Not only is the first sentence a proper prayer to God, so is the second.  We ought to ask God to show us where we have failed Him.  Rather than going through life acting like we never do anything wrong, we should recognize our inability to live a perfect life.  There are sometimes that I cannot tell you if I have made a mistake, but rather I must rely on those around me to tell me if I have.  Often times, I believe God is using someone else to show us what we have done wrong.  There is nothing wrong with asking Him to show us as long as we recognize when He is showing us.  He may use means that are peculiar to us, but if we are truly seeking Him, we will know when He speaks.
I would urge you to use the times in life where you have no words to reflect on things and allow God to enrich your walk with Him.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak into your life when you have nothing else to do other than listen.
Are you in a season like that right now?  How often do you just take time to stop and listen to God?  Is there a special place where God speaks to you?

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