Red Light Reminders

Yesterday morning I needed to be at work for training first thing in the morning.  I was hoping to make it a couple of minutes early so I would have a chance to check my email.  I didn’t get to leave at exactly the time I wanted to and I got held up at every red light on my commute.  It was then that I realized something important.

I realized that although I was having to stop at every light and wait for it to turn green, I am still beyond blessed.  Although I was having to wait, I drove all the stinking way to work.  Rather than walking, riding a bicycle, or having to rely on someone else, I was able to drive my own vehicle for twenty-five minutes to work.

Not only is having the ability to drive to work a blessing, it is a blessing to do it in a warm car.  I am sure there are plenty of people in the United States who would love to have a working heater in their car.  Sometimes I wish our cars had heated seats, but I need to keep focused on the fact that we are blessed to have working heaters in them.  Rather than being cold the entire way to work, I was able to drive the distance in a comfortable temperature and not shivering the entire way.

It’s the little things in life that we often miss, but we ought not take them for granted.  Although Thanksgiving has passed and people are now more concerned with what gifts they are going to receive for Christmas, we ought to be mindful of the things we have been blessed with.  I find it amazing how God can use the seemingly miniscule situations in our own lives to speak directly to us.

What blessings have you missed counting today?  Do you find it easy to remember the little things in life?  What have you forgotten that you should have remembered?


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