Temporary Transitions

Transitions are never fully black and white.  Though the best plans help settle nerves, until one is in the midst of transitioning the detailed steps are not completely visible.  In my corporate job, I am undergoing a bit of a transition.  I say a bit because although I will be with the same corporation and some of the same folks I have worked with before, my duties are changing.  For that I am both excited and nervous.

On one hand I am excited because I still have stable employment.  In today’s environment there is something to be said of having a steady job.  This is no small feat as the company could have easily have decided to end our employment instead of reassigning my office.

On the other it rattles my nerves and makes me think about the things that could go wrong.  I am a person who likes to know all the details before getting involved in a situation.  I like to make sure everything is planned out and if something was to go wrong, I like to have a plan in place.  In other words, I have backup plans for backup plans.  I over-analyze to a point that could lead to paralysis and the inability to make a decision.

Taking on a new job and not knowing the entire job responsibilities makes me cringe.  Rather than looking at it as a challenge, I immediately start thinking about all the things that could be withheld from me only to be revealed at a later date.  I am not an optimist when it comes to dealing with people.  It takes a long time for me to trust someone.

Though the situation I find myself in now is less than ideal in my mind, I must be grateful for it and complete it to the best of my ability.  The only people I have the ability to influence is myself.  If I strive to do it with little attention to detail, I will not be completing it well enough.  I must focus and complete the job that has been laid out before me, regardless of what it is.  Hopefully this will become clear and not as dreadful as I sometimes imagine it.

What makes things even worse is I believe this may only be a temporary stop for me.

Do you like to plan things?  Or can you deal with chaos and the unknown?  In your opinion is it wrong to try to plan?


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