Building Boxes For The Boss

Yesterday I spent about an hour of my time folding boxes to file away reams of paper that had been left behind in our office.  We have gotten the notification that we will be moving and they wish to have everything ready to go when the time comes.  Unfortunately this means gathering the papers that have been left as other coworkers have already abandoned the office.  While the risk of paper cuts from the used paper was real, the risk of a cardboard cut was even greater.  Thankfully there were no injuries, but there was griping.

The boxes came bound by plastic banding and pressed flat.  In order to create a box you had to fold the flaps of each box like a puzzle to make holder stable enough to hold the weight of the paper.  There were about eleven total folds to make the box, but that did not include the lid.  To make the lid was a flat sheet of cardboard that had to be folded eight times to fit the box.  Much to my surprise there were instructions printed on each item to show the folding technique.  Had I not had that, I would still be building boxes today.

If you are keeping score, that totals to nineteen folds to create a finished product.  I don’t know about you, but that’s nineteen times that the cardboard cut my finger to the bone and leave me needing stitches.  After all, my luck is just like that.  During this hour I assembled a dozen boxes.  So, as if the act of assembling one box was not enough, eleven more had to be produced.  This came to a total of 228 folds of cardboard.  See, the odds were not in my favor.

At the end of the boxing, the only thing that suffered was my shirt as it had been covered with traces of cardboard.  It should be fine after a trip through the washer with the rest of the laundry.  I have decided that there must be a purpose in this.  I mean, at least I can now say that I am proficient in folding boxes if I ever have to apply to the local pizza joint.  Sometimes my job in the corporate world leads me to tackle new and interesting projects.  This was definitely one of the stranger ones.

What about you, does your job need you to complete anything unusual?  Do you like the excitement of trying something new?  Or, do you prefer to work on a routine every day?


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