Obligatory Post

I feel that it’s often necessary to post something just for the sake of posting something.  That flies in the fact of experts everywhere as they claim you ought to only post if you have something creative to say (at least most that I have read).  I would disagree though.  You see, creativity can rise out of nothing and by simply starting writing you can get the creativity flowing.  If you wait until you have the perfect thing to talk about, you will wait forever.

Now, there does need to be some structure to what you are writing.  You cannot simply throw words down in a box while watching the blinking cursor move across line after line of disconnected words.  To keep this from happening you need to keep the sentences short.  The words need to be clear.  The conversation needs to keep moving forward.

Another style is to keep the paragraphs from being too lengthy.  The quick everything is to read, the better than chance you have someone will actually stick around and read the entire thing.  If someone will commit to reading the first paragraph, usually you have them for the entire thing.  I say usually because things can always change.

Typically I do not write this random, but I have been swamped at work and needed some place to just type.  Rather than trying to commit to some in-depth topic, this free typing marathon has been quite relaxing.  Rather than stressing about having everything in a precise order and making sure the topic is explained thoroughly, it is nice to keep things moving at a fast pace.

Hopefully next week will cooperate a little more and you will be back to the regularly scheduled programming on this here station.  As long as things don’t get too complicated, we should be fine.


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