Keeping It Real

Yesterday I had an opportunity to take part in a defining moment of my faith.  I was able to gather in the freezing cold with two hundred other folks from around the county and pray for our country.  It was great to gather with people around a common goal who hold slightly different theology than my own.  But that was not the two main things that I saw that were amazing.

The first thing that was above and beyond amazing was the fact that so many came out to simply pray for America.  It was not a political rally for one candidate or the other, but rather a gathering of people united with one wish and that was to cry out to God.  It could have easily become about one party or the other, but I believe that it as completed with good taste and respect for each others beliefs as each candidate will be represented at the polls tomorrow.  I am confident of that.

The second thing that really grabbed me was the fact that although it was freezing and the wind was making it even colder, people still took the time to make it a part of their evening.  As we huddled into groups of handfuls of people, I noticed that although we were cold, no one complained.  In my own group, rather than some being passed by without praying, everyone made a wholehearted effort to pray.  There could have been prayers of few words muttered, but these were far deeper and were coming from the souls of the people.  It reminded me of the fact that although we were cold there, we would leave and drive our warm automobiles to a cozy home, which is a lot more than can be said of other Christians throughout the world.  To a very miniscule degree, we were in vaguely similar scenarios as our fellow family around the world.

The whole evening restored some of my faith in this “religion” and in the hope that we can find more commonalities between us than items that may divide us.  If only the news media would pick up on stories like this and not how we tear each other down in the name of religion, the world may see us in a different light.  Don’t get me wrong, we have a brutal past and Christianity has a lot of things to not be proud of, but last night was not one of them.

Have you ever had one of those instances?  What was it like to see people coming together?  How do you think we could continue to see moments like this happen?


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