Book Review: Altared by Eli and Claire

Altared was probably not written for me.  I say that as someone who is both male and married; however, I thought it made a prominent point that could be beneficial to heed.  It seems to be geared towards single folks, and specifically women as they probably read more than men.  Overall though, I would give it three out of five stars.  Want more info?  Stay tuned after the break.

If I went solely off my first impressions, I would have been generous giving it one star, but instead, I kept reading.  While I kept reading the story became more and more detailed.  I enjoyed hearing about how two people became a couple.  I found myself relating at one point when they desired to keep their relationship hidden from their family.  I remember years ago when I first began dating, I tried to keep it hidden from anyone and everyone.  We did not want it to become clear to those around us for no good reason, really.

Intertwined in the story of courtship was an emphasis on discipleship and loving others at all costs.  Ultimately, that ought to be our goal as Christians.  We should seek to love and honor those around us, even if we have no direct relationship to them or even approve of their actions.  When we strive to keep at the forefront of our actions, everything else will fall into place.

The authors also made me ponder the emphasis the church places on marriage and the necessity to have a spouse.  Having been married at a fairly early age, I never knew the amount of pressure placed on people to become married, but after reading the story, I now see the emphasis placed on singles in a lot of churches.  I mean, we even have singles ministry for crying out loud.

Again, I would give it three out of five stars as it sometimes got bogged down in repeating the emphasis of loving society.  However, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It is a unique look at marriage.

I was given this book to review by the folks at Waterbrook Multnomah in return for an honest and fair review.


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