This past week has been nothing short of amazing.  I lay my head on my pillow and think about how amazing God has blessed me, my family, and my church here lately.  You see, on October 3rd we officially voted to approve the constitution and bylaws of the church.  Having it approved unanimously is a miracle in and of itself.  However, that was only the beginning of the steps we were to take as a church.

Before we were officially incorporated and working towards getting the legal information worked out, we had already made an offer on a prime piece of real estate.  We were due to vote on it as a church last Wednesday to approve the buy, but God moved and we simply had to get out-of-the-way.  Rather than going in debt for the property, God decided to bless us with the entire thing as a gift Tuesday.  We could have been in debt a significant amount of money to be such a young church, but it is done and paid for.

Not only property, but on Monday night I had the privilege of leading someone to Christ.  I firmly believe that this is one of the greatest experiences you can ever have.  To see someone go from death to life is no meaningless thing.   It is exciting because they are a brand new person.

It still amazes me that God would bless someone like me.  It makes it even more astounding that He would use someone like me.  I am nothing and He is everything.  I am small and He is great.  I am faltering and He is unfailing.

God is good and to God be the glory.


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