Election Season Debates

Every four years our country is seemingly at odds with one ourselves.  When the presidential election season rolls around, we fight with our neighbors about which politically ideology is the best.  What we fail to see is that both of our major two parties are fairly close to middle of the road and beyond that, we ought to take more interest in the eternity of our neighbors than who they are voting for.

I, certainly, have my own political opinions and will be voting in this election.  I feel it is my duty to be educated on the candidates and their platforms and vote based that and not the media.  This does not mean that I should cast off my neighbor simply because they are voting for the other candidate.  Rather than being caught up in trying to win their vote we ought to be concerned with winning their heart.

Now, we know we cannot change the hearts of people and we cannot save them; however, we should be willing to represent Christ to everyone, even if they disagree with our political beliefs.  I am more concerned with the person than I am who they are voting for.  Imagine how much better a place the world would be if people were more concerned with loving their neighbors instead of attacking them.

Yes, I was visited by a gentleman representing a candidate for our Congressional seat yesterday evening.  Yes, it was not the person I will be voting for; however, I still took the five minutes and stood and listened to his thoughts.  I believe it’s important that we all listen even if we do not agree.  I did not try to attack the man and I did not have any questions for him.

We have a couple of weeks until Election Day and I believe this will be my only post on politics this year.  Instead of publicly endorsing one candidate or the other, I will say that I am praying for both candidates and our nation.


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