Red Letter Revolution by Claiborne and Campolo

Red Letter Revolution, it sounds interesting right.  In a lot of Bibles, the words of Christ are written in red and thus a revolution revolving around those words sounds like a good thing.  On the surface, I would agree.  The world would be a much better place if we would take note of the words of Christ and put them into action.  What I did not like is the way this book was formed. This book is written by Shane Claiborne and Tony Campolo.

This book was simply a transcription of a dialogue between the two authors more than an actual book.  Rather than writing out their thoughts it is almost as if they engaged in conversation through replying to emails.  This made the book hard to read and retain the concepts that they were discussing.

Another thing that bothered me about the discussion is that while I admire the amount of topics the authors covered, I did feel like there was a significant amount of pressure to become their version of “Red Letter Christian”.  It could be that I was unaware of the term, but at a very broad level I would agree with it.  I felt unduly pressured into seeing the world through their eyes otherwise I was not a Christian.

Another issue I had with the book is that there seemed to be a constant glorification of the authors.  It seems as if there was an intentional spotlight on their good deeds and the work they have done.  Rather than telling the reader how to make this happen, it seemed to be more of a listing of examples.

The last issue I had with this book is it has a very liberal slant of Christianity.  It seems as if the authors are much more about social justice than they are about getting the Gospel to people who need it.

Overall, I would give it one out of five stars.  It is not a book, but rather a publication of dialogues and one that is very egotistical at that.  I would not recommend someone to buy this book to read or to pass along to someone else.  I did not expect this at the outset of my reading as I had heard a lot about Claiborne especially, but would not read it again.

I received this book for free from BookSneeze ( in exchange for an open, honest, and fair review.


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