Life’s A Struggle

Recently I have been in some sort of funk.  I do not think it can be traced to exactly one source, but rather a combination of multiple sources.  I do think that it has to change though.  I hate feeling this way and feeling like I am not getting anything accomplished.  After looking back over everything, I think it relates to one specific thing.

I think the main thing hindering me now is the beginning of the changing of the seasons.  It seems like when a season changes, especially from winter to spring or in this case, summer to fall, it throws my body for a loop.  Rather than quickly adjusting to the new environment, it takes my body some time to adapt.  I do not like it, but I suppose it is something that I have to deal with.

The change between summer and fall is now becoming more clear.  I mentioned it about a month ago that I could feel it in the air, but the weather is now beginning to show the change.  The leaves are showing an even brighter color, the climate is more moist because of rain, and the temperatures have fallen.  Yesterday morning the temperature was cooler than normal, but this morning it was chilly for me.  I was able to see my breath this morning.  For me, outside of the slowly changing leaves, this was the first time I was able to visibly see autumn approaching.  While I do appreciate the seasons, I do not like the way they throw my biological clock off.  What is even worse is the time change has not even happened yet.

Do you struggle with the changing seasons?  Do you even have changing seasons?  Is there a cure to beating the changing season funk?


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