Sale? Sell? Cell?

If there is one thing America loves, it is a good sale.  For some this means a dedicated time each week set aside to browsing the advertisements and coupon inserts.  For others, the sale they enjoy is just one specific time per year such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, or the infamous Black Friday.  The wife and I are different from what I would consider the norm.  We will take a sale any day of the week.

You see, although we rarely go shopping for clothing when we need it, we browse quite often.  We make a trip and if the prices are not where we want them, we continue to wait until the prices are more manageable.  In some ways this helps us because we never pay full price for items.  Actually, I refuse to pay the price on the tag for any item of clothing.  I believe the wife sometimes does it if she really wants it.  My favorite time to go is when the previous season has been put on clearance.  In general, most clothing for men can be worn in any season.  There are exceptions such as dull browns and corduroys, but overall, the colors rarely change in great detail.

This also helps us to manage our spending better.  Rather than having a charge for a couple of hundreds of dollars hit at the beginning of every season, we are able to spread it out. This has worked better for us.  These benefits do not even consider the greatest benefit of getting more clothing for the same amount of cash.  Instead of only coming home with two shirts, sometimes I am able to come home with three or four and maybe even more if we are lucky.

What about you?  Do you shop at a specific time?  Or, do you buy clothing with the changing of the seasons?


2 thoughts on “Sale? Sell? Cell?

  1. I try to buy clothing for my kids in the middle of the season when the prices have dropped (summer clothes are more expensive in the spring). But its getting harder to do with growing boys. They look silly in their too small clothes from last year until the new clothes come in…

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