Autumn, Are You There?

When I woke up this morning I looked out the patio doors in our bedroom.  The fog was so thick I could not see any of my neighbor’s houses.  It also appeared as if I were standing on a cloud (the backside of our house is around ten feet off the ground).  I knew that for the second day in a row, I would have to drive through the fog to work.  However, once I stepped outside I immediately knew, fall is just around the corner.

You see, after you live in the mountains of Southwest Virginia for years, you begin to pick up on differences and the changing of the seasons before they even occur.  There was something different about the way the air felt the past two mornings and typically that means there is a changing season upon us.  I thought it was highly proper that I would sense this on August 1 seeing as how the month had just changed.  I do know that although it may be some time before we are in the middle of Autumn, it is closer than it has been this year.

Sure, we will still have some warm days and I will still have to mow the yard for another couple of months, but the weather has hinted that relief is coming soon.  I am quick to recognize that I do not live in what could be considered a warm climate, but there are sometimes when you are mowing and the temperature is near 100 degrees that you begin to wonder if you should try to find a place with a little less humidity.  Overall though, I love where I live.  I like the flexibility of being able to see mountains, flat land, or the ocean within about six hours.  It is a central place to reach almost any destination.

As I get older I ponder the seasons a lot more than I did years ago.  I wonder which is truly my favorite.  Years ago I would have told you summer simply because I enjoyed having a break from school.  Now that I receive no breaks except for my limited number of vacation days and holidays, I cannot choose.  I enjoy the renewal that spring brings and the memories that summer entails.  I love the crunching of the leaves in the fall, but I also enjoy the snow and heartfelt greetings of the winter season.  I think I am most gracious for the fact that I live in an area where I am able to experience all four seasons and the goodness that they bring.

What’s your favorite season?  Can you tell a difference in the weather depending upon the season or is it simply a date on the calendar?


One thought on “Autumn, Are You There?

  1. I would have to agree that we live in a beautiful area. The joy of experiencing all four seasons is wonderful. My favorite season is fall because of the colors, smells, foods, atmosphere. The only reason I enjoy winter is Christmas. The memories, amazing food, beautiful snow. Well, if it snows just enough to cover but I can still have power and get out. In closing, I don’t care what season it is as long as I have you. Glad you are still keeping this going.

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