Next Monday

Yesterday, I was greeted to a manilla envelope on my front door when I returned home from work.  I wondered who would have stuck an envelope to the door with my name and address on it.  I figured if anyone really wanted to get in touch with me, they would have either mailed it or hand-delivered it because no one would want to just hang it and leave.  People love me and so they are always wanting to talk to me (or at least I tell myself that to keep my spirits up).  However, it actually was not what I was expecting.  The contents of the envelope were actually my papers for next Monday evening.

Monday evening I have my first official council meeting as a town councilman.  I am not sure what to feel.  I feel slightly overwhelmed as they are always the first Monday of the month and that is always a bad time for me.  I am usually always overloaded at work and can rarely get away without working over.  But, I am also excited as this is something completely foreign to me and I have the opportunity to stretch myself.  There were four sets of papers and each one of them included the meetings from the last four minutes as well as a tentative agenda for the upcoming meeting.

I noticed some business that would have to be addressed at this first meeting.  I was hoping that the old council would have cleared up any and all old business before handing the reigns over to the new members, but that was not the case.  So instead, I have to go in, hear as many of the facts as I can and make an informed decision based on what I know.  That ought to be the fun part.

Part of me wants to play the role of devil’s advocate and vote the opposite way of the council; however, I know that it would not be right to vote against something unless I truly feel that it is inappropriate.  I just hope I am able to make clear choices and govern with integrity.  After all, no one wants an unethical government presiding over them.  I believe many think I will be a pushover, but I do not think that will be the case.  In fact, despite the fact that I am young, I feel as if many will be surprised at my beliefs and opinions if an issue comes up that needs stern attention.  I look forward to it and hope I can benefit the townspeople I represent as well as holding true to the spirit of the ones past and giving the best to those yet to come.


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