It’s The Weekend

Yes, I’m horrible about updates.  I already know that and you do not have to remind me.  I have finished a couple of more books since the last post and I really need to get those thought through and posted.  Also,  I feel like I need to publish an actual summer reading list.  Right now I feel like I am aimlessly blowing through books and I think a defined list will help me stay on track.  For all intents and purposes, I should have posted it at the beginning of June to align with a quarter, but summer just started.  Either way, you ought to be watching out for it to make its debut.  Outside of that there are only a few more things I need to let you know about.

The first thing on the forefront of my mind is that I am speaking again at church on July 8th.  I have a couple of feelings of the way that I need to head, but I am still searching for clear guidance.  Secondly, well, I do not really have anything else.  Work is work and summer is beginning to heat up right now.  Literally, it’s humid and the sun has now decided to turn my lawn brown.  On the upside, I do not have to mow as much as I normally do, and for that both my body and wallet are grateful (except gas is now cheaper than it was).

How about you?  Any plans for the weekend that makes its debut in ninety minutes?


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