Busy Week

Well, as is typical around these parts, I did not get around to putting any of the reviews up.  I have been covered at work until late into the evening and every night we have been busy.  Sometimes I feel like this is a complete loss and then at other times I feel like this is necessary for me.  I suppose I will have to rely on the latter feelings and forgo the ones that try and bring me down.

Beyond just having time away from the pale brown walls of my cubicle and the brightness of my computer screen, I am excited because we plan to scatter mulch tomorrow.  We have no landscaping at our house.  In fact, I would call what we do have just random tree placement with no forethought.  So, in order to remedy that, we’re going to at least mulch around the trees that we currently have.  Hopefully it’ll also make it easier to mow as it currently takes us two and a half hours to mow and trim.

What about you?  Do you have any weekend plans or do you have a weekend throughout the week?


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