Book Reviews Are Late

I have a handful of books that I should have already reviewed here.  Instead, I fail to post them and jump on into the next one.  I do have to admit I have been better at actually reading books this year.  That is a relief as I am finally making my way through the ones that are backlogged on my shelves.  I could stand to read about one per week the rest of the year and still not finish them all, but I suppose the pace that I am reading is better than the timeliness of the past.  I have at least three books I need to write up.

This post was more for my own information and recollection.  Hopefully this will inspire me to get the reviews typed out and posted.  I am sure most will be bored by my work, but it should help me remember these same things later.  They cover a broad range of topics, but hey, that’s just the type of person I am.  I just have to decide which one I am going to tackle first.

Until tomorrow (or the day after).


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