On To The Next One

I mentioned how over the last weekend I was able to finally finish some books that I had been trying to finish for some time now.  Last night, I finally decided which book out of my “to read” collection I was going to tackle next. Hopefully I can get it finished  by the time we start the next small group series and then I will have a chance to re-read Not a Fan.  The next book is…

Sun Stand Still Front Cover

I am really excited to read this book.  Having an audacious faith is something that I struggle with only a daily basis.  I constantly wrestle with the dreams and goals I have and whether or not God is big enough to cause them to come to pass.  I was first introduced to Furtick after a conference I went to last spring at Thomas Road Baptist Church called Refuel.  I was able to purchase this book for a low price, but I have not got around to reading it and I have to fix it.

I feel like at this point in my life and in our church, this is a book that I need.  We are growing and beginning to see the amazing journey that we are about to be headed on, but sometimes we have to have faith that God is going to come through.  Often times, I find myself saying I believe something, but I do not think I really believe it is going to happen.  Now, to be clear, I do not believe in a “name it and claim it” theology.  I do not think that just because one is a Christian that life will automatically be easy and they will be able to coast through life on easy street; however, I do think that God blesses those when they trust Him.  Our churches are full of people who show up on Sunday mornings because it is the right thing to do, but they do not really expect anything to happen.  That right there my friends is a problem.

I am interested to see how God speaks into my own life through this book as my life is changing and plans are unfolding.  I have not forgotten about the reviews of the books I just finished, but I wanted to get this out there as a reminder to myself that I need to read on a routine basis in order to give my brain information to process.

What are you currently reading?


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