Political Manuevers

It seems everyone has an agenda these days.  Whether or not these agendas are of real concern is mainly based upon how much force the person uses.  Everything that one does is based on either trying to get something or as a measure to repay something that has been done to them.  As mentioned yesterday, last night I had the privilege of being a part of the forum for the town hall candidates of our town.  It was a new experience for me, but it was not one that was stressing either.  I just wish I would have had time to prepare for the questions.

I chose to run at this point because I am young, have ideas, and the seat I am campaigning for is only a two-year term.  It is not often that someone of my age gets to be involved to the extent that I am.  I know it will be a good experience for me as it will push me to have opinions, work towards a solution, and consider the good of all.  Do I think I will be perfect?  As hard as it is to say, absolutely not.  Will I work towards being perfect?  Absolutely.

Last night was a perfect example of that.  After getting home and talking with my wife, she mentioned a few things that I could have done better and some questions that I should have expounded on.  However, she did tell me that overall I did well.  When I was able, I took what some of the other candidates said and dug a little deeper at the problem to offer my own voice.  I think this will help to prove my ability to offer solutions and expose the underlying problems that affect the surface problems.

For instance, one question that we were given before the forum asked us to explain what we thought was the biggest problem facing the town and what solution we would offer.  In today’s economic environment (and especially in an older town) the number one problem is economic development.  You have to be looking for development otherwise you will never catch up.  Instead of echoing the comments of my colleagues, I took it a step farther and offered the main problem was getting people to live in the town.  As a town full of elderly people, eventually they will die off and then it is necessary that you fill their vacant houses.  In order to attract people to the town, I would explore tax breaks and other services the town could offer to new homeowners for a couple of years.  If there is a strong population base, industry will be attracted to the area and will take a gamble on opening a store there.

Truthfully though, the solution lies somewhere between the two.  One cannot happen without the other and one cannot continue without the other.  It has to be at least a two-pronged course of action to get to the desired goal.  I say it has to be at least that because I could be missing a prong or two.

Do you think economic development happens because of population growth or is the opposite way around?  Or, is it entirely something different?


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