Let’s Get Political

I always said that I was going to be the President of the United States when I was younger.  I just knew that I was going to go on to be elected into that place.  If you know anything about me, you know that I am confident in my abilities.  I still believe that if I truly wanted to, I could become the President.  The thing is though, I now no longer have that want.  However, I have not let that affect my (lacking) political career.  Tonight, is the first time that I am going to be put under pressure because of my views.

A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of receiving a phone call from the mayor of the town that we live in.  He was calling and stating that he had heard great things about me and that I would be a good candidate for the town council.  He was encouraging me to run, but ultimately it would be my decision.  I thought about it and prayed about it for some time and came to the conclusion that it was something I needed to do.  For the first time ever, I was going to run for a publicly elected office and stood a decent chance at winning.  You see, there are three openings on the general council and one special election.  I am running in the special election to finish out a term that someone is resigning from.  I figured this gives me the least opposition (as I am the only candidate) and it also only commits me for two years.  If I decide I hate it, I will finish the two years and then ride off into the sunset.

Tonight is an open “forum” at the middle school to discuss issues from the audience.  I do not believe any questions will be directed towards me as the rules of engagement call for the fielded questions to be directed towards candidates that are being opposed.  Since I am not being opposed I figure I may as well go and get the publicity of taking the time to show and show how important the town is to me.  It is weird because as a kid I went to one town hall meeting and swore I would never go back because they argued over where to put two streetlights.  Ten or so years later, here I am running to go and sit once a month and make decisions.  It is amazing how things change.

Do I believe I have a decent shot at winning?  Of course.  I am unopposed.  The only way I could be defeated is if there was a write-in candidate who received more votes than myself.  The chances of that happening are slim, but I recognize the possibility.  Will I be angry if this happens?  I will be a little upset, but I know that whatever happens occurs because I am meant to be there or not be there for the time.  The fact that I opened myself up to the possibility of being elected is a huge leap in the first place.

Hopefully I will have a write-up about the forum tomorrow.


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