Backward Thinking Gets One Nowhere

In no way do I have the most wisdom in the world, much less in my county.  In fact, I find it probable that my dog is smarter than me.  Seriously, you should see the things he can figure out.  But, one thing that I have learned over the past few months is that backward thinking gets you no where.  Sure, it may be good to reflect on the bad times and learn what to do in certain situations, but we cannot dwell there.

There will never be an exact replica of a situation you have found yourself in again.  There may be times that are similar and even dangerously similar, but it will never be exact. The people involved, the place, and the course of action you should take will be different.  One of the mistakes I see people make when deciding on a course of action is talk about how they did it before.  Instead of getting caught up in the moment and recollecting the past, it is important to immediately plan a course of action.

Planning is a problem that I struggle with.  I do not meant the act of planning, because I can do that well and I like to plan in advance to prepare for things and have a course of action ready for occasions that may occur.  Rather, I mean that I plan too far in the future and have a tendency to not be concerned with where we are now.  For instance, I have goals and aspirations for our church for five years from now and where we want to be, but I sometimes look past the steps to get us there.  My wife constantly reminds me about this and is something that I have to overcome.

I am finding it even more important now that the church is growing and I am running for a seat on the town council.  It is easy to sit back and point out the flaws with the status quo and we can have dreams of where we want to be, but if we have no solution for steps to get there, what good are we doing?  Instead of pointing out simply that another level should be obtained, one must have a thoughtful solution.  I am always good at giving an opinion, but here recently I have not been able to offer anything beyond an opinion.

When was the last time you offered an opinion but no solution?


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