One Week

One week; seven days; a quarter of the month; or roughly two percent of the year.  Whatever terminology you choose to use, the fact of the matter is that a lot of things can change in one week.  We are in the middle of spring time and along with all the flowers, pollen, and bees, spring time means Easter time.  I am reminded of this fact because today is Friday.  In exactly one week (relatively depending upon your calendar preference) Jesus would have been led to the cross and beaten even though He was an innocent man.

It’s amazing to think that Jesus would have known what was coming and yet he still willing died.  I think about that and how I am not sure I could go and die for someone.  I mean, yes, my wife I could.  I would also consider my family and my friends stand a lesser chance, but an average person walking down the street or the disgruntled cashier behind the grocery checkout?  I am just not sure I have it in me.  It may be something that will come back to bite me in the end, but as a transparent person, I have to admit that.  To tell you I would willingly lay down my life for you would be a lie.  If that offends you, I am sorry.  Maybe I am just not “spiritual” or “religious” or “saved” enough to be comfortable with that at this point in my life.  Or, maybe it is an ongoing battle that we are all destined to struggle with and the outcome never be settled until we actually do die.

The fact that it is one week also got me thinking about what I would do if I knew I only had one week.  Would I spend it with my closest friends and family, eat my favorite food, or would I spend it sulking and angry at a God that allows my life to be shorter than average.  Admittedly, it would probably be a combination of all those and more.  To ignore the sense of anger is unnatural and cannot be avoided.  We would all be angry.  Christ himself was asking for relief from the burden of death when he cries, “If it is possible, let this cup pass from Me” (Matthew 26:39).  There would have to be a feeling of understanding and realization at some point.  Hopefully this point would occur early on in your week so that you could spend it joyfully (and tearfully) and not in a state of misery. Really though, is it not more important to live those last days than to mope about?  We know only a few of Christ’s words and actions during that last week.  I wonder what all He did that was not recorded.


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