Maintaining Focus Part 1

It is often said that in order to truly have a successful blog, one must be consistent in content and stay focused in one particular area they choose to write about.  I am not out for success in this world, but instead I am out to document the struggles that I encounter every day and the joy that comes when something works out right.  You see, I wrestle with things in my mind until they are either over thought or outdated.  I was made fully aware of this last night.

When we were looking to purchase a television for our house, I knew the basic requirements of what I wanted, but I was almost too broad-minded.  Instead of narrowing it down and saying I want a 47 inch LED with a 120hz refresh rate and it must have an optical audio out, I went in looking at nearly everything.  I did the same thing when we went searching for a new car.  If you have never done this before, in most cases it will lead to feeling extremely overwhelmed.  Before we decided on our Jeep, we had looked at everything under the sun and nearly every brand.  I was finally reminded, that I just had to pick something and go with it.  So, we bought what we thought was reasonable for us at this period in our life.  Do I sometimes wish we would have purchased something else?  Sure.  Then, I remember how much we have already loved about it for the eighteen months we have had it and it makes it all seem alright.

Last night we had to get some things for the Easter event our church is preparing for this weekend.  We have needed new furniture for a while and since we had purchased everything necessary quicker than we had planned we decided to stop and look.  Keep in mind we had been in about a month ago and saw some things we liked, but were waiting to truly decide.  We finally agreed on the set for the living room and they had an awesome deal on the group of couch and chair.  The problem is, it was on closeout and it was the last one they had.  This meant that we could not get another couch or love seat (Our living room is vast and open, so we need large furniture pieces to close it in).  We were left with the option of getting just the demo set and being happy or deciding on something else.  We decided to wait, but it was one that we both liked and had we decided to buy a month ago, we would have received what we wanted.  Instead, we are waiting a little bit more.  Will it come back to bite me?  Maybe.  I hope not.

It has led me to realize that one of my biggest faults is that I sometimes drag my feet.  Instead of just jumping at what we choose, I debate it in my head and think about the ifs and the thens, and what could have beens.  This is only one issue that I wrestle with and hope to document more.


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