I Crashed It

“Uh-Oh” are not the two words you want to hear when you are working on a live website and it doesn’t work any more.  That is exactly what happened to me last night.  I was trying to install WordPress on the site in order to modernize it and ended up crashing the entire thing.  Now, before anyone takes that as a sign against modernizing and telling me that you need to be thankful your church has a website, it was my own fault.  I went about it the wrong way.

In hindsight, I knew better than to do what I did.  I went in and made a backup of the site, but I did not pull all those pages down before I installed WordPress.  So, after it was installed, rather than it sending someone to the “new” page, it kept the old one.  In my hastiness, I deleted a bunch of stuff (including the old homepage and the new WordPress install) and thus completely took the church offline for about fifteen minutes.  If anyone tried to reach it during that time frame, I apologize.  Anyway, I stuck up an index file and redirected everything to our facebook page.  At least that way the address is still up and running, even if it defaults to facebook.

Where does that leave me?  Since I know WordPress decently, but I don’t know the server side of programming, I’ve emailed a professional.  It helps to know people who have a programming degree.  Hopefully I can get this resolved quickly and get the site up and running.  The good thing about this is that the site has been pulled and I can make all adjustments to it before moving the default page to the WordPress layout.  It should be a good move for us.  I just hope it doesn’t take much time to fix.

It’s amazing how much we learn after the fact.


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