Meetings and Ramblings

I have a meeting today with the mayor of my glorious town because of my decision to run for town council.  I’ve encountered him once or twice before.  First, when he first came into my yard soliciting for my vote when he was on the ballot to be elected.  The second time was about a month ago when our church was considering putting our office in one of his buildings.  We still are, and have stuff in there, but that is an entirely different discussion.  Anyway, it leads me to think about the amount of time that we spend discussing things rather than getting anything done.

I’m as guilty as anyone of talking something to death and instead the idea ends up getting shelved because we cannot make a decision, but we need to work on it.  I’m sure throughout the day I use a ton of words, and most are probably not even relevant to the conversation at hand.  Instead, we like to tip-toe around the issue and just hope it disappears.  I’m not saying that this meeting this evening will be a waste of my time because I am interested in hearing what he believes the town out to accomplish.  I believe there are a lot of things that should change about it and hopefully will.  As of this point, I only have two things that I truly believe we need in the town outside of the more industry and restaurants, which should be obvious.  I would lobby for an actual community center that townspeople could use.  One that is decent size and has athletic facilities, pool, and arcade games.  Charge a small monthly fee (one that could actually be afforded by town residents), and see how far it would go.  After that, I would like to see a dog park.  Besides being an avid dog lover, I believe that there are a lot of folks of the town that would like to see this come to pass.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, but somewhere you can let the leash go and watch them run.

After that, I am not sure what would come next.  I’m sure there are funding issues and all those lovely tax things that will probably come up, but I will handle those when they come.  Oh, I also have my feelings about the police department, but I am not sure I would want to take on that battle right now.  I am only seeking a two year term to feel out the waters and see what happens.  This may be the beginning and ending of my political career.  I do know that I probably could not make it my actual career.  I am too blunt and honest.  All this that I just typed sums up my feelings on using a lot of words and not really getting the point across.  I started this talking about meetings and how we can waste our words, and now I have done just the same thing by turning away from my original thoughts and on to something else that is not truly related.


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