One Down, Ninety-Nine More

The ninety-nine may be a slight exaggeration, but I still have a ton of books to finish that are laying around my house.  My goal is not to complete them all this year as I know that is quite impossible given my busy life.  What I do know is that in this first month I have made more of an effort to dedicate myself to reading more than I have in the past.  You see, I have a problem sometimes buying things simply because they are on sale.  I see a book that I think looks interesting or has been recommend and it’s relatively cheap, I’ll buy it.  It may take me another two years to get around to reading it and by that time, I am at least four years behind the craze.  For instance, I have a biography of a fairly prominent CEO who passed away this past year that I received for Christmas.  It’s still on the bookshelf and I haven’t even started it.  I am really trying to focus this year.  With nearly one-twelfth of the year being behind us, I can say I am pleased with my progress.  Sure, I should have read at some points where I didn’t?  Absolutely.  However, I feel like I have moved forward farther than I would have in the past.

I actually finished the Falwell book I talked about in a prior post.  In fact, it gave me inspiration for the sermon I gave this past Sunday as a portion of it hit me like a rock between the eyes.  Honestly, it’s kind of refreshing because I forgot what it was like to actually finish a book.  I do know of at least one more I am finishing soon as well as a Bible study.  The Bible study is for our church and the other book is one that I started after the Falwell book and it is a compilation of short stories so it’s easy to drop it and pick it up again later.  Hopefully I will make time throughout the rest of the year to document my process throughout the year as well as posting other entries here just as a snippet of what is going on in my life.  Here’s to hopefully finishing something I started for once.


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