That Didn’t Take Long

Today is the 5th of January.  We are five whole, glorious days into the New Year and I have already missed posting a snapshot one day.  I missed yesterday’s post.  I knew, even at 10:30 last night that I needed to look around the house and see something that was appealing to me, shoot a quick picture, and upload it.  I failed to do so.  In the end I believe all is not lost however.  We were extremely late last night getting home.  We were at a visitation for a recently departed friend and stood in line to send condolences to the family for four hours.  I have been to a lot of wakes in my lifetime, but that is the most people I have ever seen in at one.  I had a notion just to sign the book and leave when I was standing outside in the dark while in 20 degree temperatures waiting for the line to move.  However, we decided to press on and brave the people and the time and speak to the family.  Of course, we saw plenty of people we knew as we used to attend church with the family.  Because of this, there were a lot of people who we used to attend church with there as well as people I went to school with.  You see, the youngest daughter was only two years ahead of me throughout school, so between school and church, there were quite a few people that we knew.  I ended up knowing more than Leighann, but if you know anything about us, you know that it is rare that more people know her than me.

Last night was probably the first time I truly recognized how old I am getting.  When you see “kids” that you remember from church who are now in high school and older than you as well as the fact that parents of people you went to high school with are now passing away, it is a stark reality.  I do recognize the fact that I am getting older, but it was just the rare situation where all those things aligned and it made me more aware of just what is going on.  It didn’t take long for me to miss a day of trying to take a photo a day for a year as well as me coming face to face with the harsh reality that I am getting older.


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