We finally have the first measurable snowfall of the year on the ground.  I am not sure how much there is, but I can at least say it is covering the grass rather than there just being a dusting.  By looking at it, I believe it is probably around an inch.  There is not enough to severely impact driving conditions (though there were some slick spots), but it has actually made things white.  The meteorologists were predicting a total of around four inches and we are well below that.  I am thankful for that because today is my first day back in the office and if we would have had that much snow, it would have made coming back this morning even harder.

It’s the third day of the year and I have done reasonably well with my resolutions for this year.  A better term would probably be character changes as they are things that I need to work on in order to help me become a better version of me.  As I mentioned in the previous post, I am excited for where 2012 is going to take me.  I believe that, although 2011 was an overall splendid year besides the death of my final grandparent, 2012 is going to be better.  It’s odd as you stand back and think of it, really that was kind of the worst year, but yet I have found my faith in God to have been strengthened greater than I ever would have imagined.  Though I am not that old, I can remember prior years and it seems like 2009 and 2010 were both mundane.  I feel like besides graduating college in 2009, I was spinning my wheels in my faith and something happened in 2011 and it just took off.  Don’t get me wrong, I continued going to church and reading my Bible through those years, but something happened in the past year that really moved me.  I think it is ultimately that I came to the realization that it is not about me and that God has a bigger plan than I could ever imagine and I should just be thankful to be a small part of His plan.

Hopefully before too long, my pursuits will become clear.  I have moved behind having “my” plans to just going into the future and allowing God to show me His plans.


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